Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Picture Post; pictures submitted by several different readers. Click pictures for a larger view. These are all in chronological order.

First submission is by Chloe.

Yes, her mom is squishing her Dad's head. Doesn't everyone have those days? Where you just want to squish something?

Next photo. From yours truly.

This is the tree in Dan's neighbor's backyard. It's truly a sight to see and if you're on campus I reccomend you check it out. Let's play the highlights search-and-find game. Or I spy. Anyway, can you find ths sink, the broken computer monitor, the pan, the stroller, and the umbrella? And I'm sure that's not it - There's probably more in there that I just can't remember.

This one is from Budzik. I posted it because I have no freakin' clue what it means.

Sslug? Yspatula? Piesewer? I'm so clueless.

And another from Budzik, his very own photoshop personalization of the ad. Lol.

And finally, from Matt Paul, a lovely shot from Germany.

"And I thought I was caffiene buzzed from regular iced tea," he commented.

Another one from Moi. This is my Lanadog. I miss her millions.

Kind of blurry. This picture was just the split second before she just licked me... That tongue is something else.

This is the last picture... A random photo I decided to insert last minute. The picture was accidentally taken in this style.

Another fun guessing game... Can you find Sven, John Lennon, any type of STEELERS paraphenalia (die Patriots, die, die), the bag of pretzel rods, my toothbrush, the chinese food menu (you'd have to be from gburg to recognize it), and I think that's it for now.

Yum, I caught you a delicious bass, from Rambo.

Actually it's a catfish. Lol. The biggest redneck ever. Who is going to be a doctor or something someday, lol.

Shaffer doing her best geek impression.

Mission accomplished kinda.

Anyway that was fun. Thanks for all the submissions, guys.

Things are good here; it finally feels like fall. I love it. Hope all is well at home and i'll be there in TWO WEEKS!

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