Thursday, September 15, 2005

Okay, okay, so. Tuesday night was perogie night at servo (the school cafeteria for you non gettysburghians), a night where they have a whole bar of perogies and toppings, plus other options like sauteed and baked perogies. It's great. Truly genious. They have a giant perogie walking around (shown below) and they give out free stuff. Last year they gave out mini-perogie pins (which I still have!! not at school though, because if I did I'd post it because I'm just a dork like that) and neon pencils. This year they gave out the lame livestrong-esque bracelets (to see that rant, click here, and you can see it in the pic, I'm wearing it) that read "Powered by Mrs. T's Perogies" and were green and yellow tye-dyeish. Kinda lame but whatever, it's free.

The best part was Dan and I got quite a lovely picture with the perogie, as displayed below:

And it was a great night.

Viva la perogie.

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