Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Internet is a wonderful tool in which you can learn many things about absolutely anything you want - nucleophiles, the plural of 'grilled cheese', and many personal things about yourself [read: 2 posts ago. Carinne is...]. Among my favorite useless internet finds of the week...

First of all, check out your horoscope.

If you're feeling riske, check out your love-o-meter.
Personal results:
Me & George Bush: 41%
....Bill Clinton: 40.5%
....Homer Simpson: 27.5%
....Jerry Seinfeld 29.5%
....Paris Hilton 18%
....Jessica Simpson 16.5%
....Dave Grohl: 41.5%

How to say I love you in many languages to the person with whom you find the highest Love-O-Meter score

How to say Happy Birthday in many languages, so Zorionak! Katrina

But then we've got the countdowns -

Decimal Birthday Calculator
Find your next decimal birthday (every 1000th day)

My 7300th day birthday is Nov. 3rd.

Days Old Calculator

How many days old are you?

7265 Days old. Fascinating.

How Many Days Until

How many days until an event?

406 Days until I'm 21.

Days In Love Calculator
When did your relationship start?

And... That's about as lame as I'm feeling today. Have fun with those. If you find out anything exciting about yourself, let me know.

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