Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Internet is a wonderful tool in which you can learn many things about absolutely anything you want - nucleophiles, the plural of 'grilled cheese', and many personal things about yourself [read: 2 posts ago. Carinne is...]. Among my favorite useless internet finds of the week...

First of all, check out your horoscope.

If you're feeling riske, check out your love-o-meter.
Personal results:
Me & George Bush: 41%
....Bill Clinton: 40.5%
....Homer Simpson: 27.5%
....Jerry Seinfeld 29.5%
....Paris Hilton 18%
....Jessica Simpson 16.5%
....Dave Grohl: 41.5%

How to say I love you in many languages to the person with whom you find the highest Love-O-Meter score

How to say Happy Birthday in many languages, so Zorionak! Katrina

But then we've got the countdowns -

Decimal Birthday Calculator
Find your next decimal birthday (every 1000th day)

My 7300th day birthday is Nov. 3rd.

Days Old Calculator

How many days old are you?

7265 Days old. Fascinating.

How Many Days Until

How many days until an event?

406 Days until I'm 21.

Days In Love Calculator
When did your relationship start?

And... That's about as lame as I'm feeling today. Have fun with those. If you find out anything exciting about yourself, let me know.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Picture Post; pictures submitted by several different readers. Click pictures for a larger view. These are all in chronological order.

First submission is by Chloe.

Yes, her mom is squishing her Dad's head. Doesn't everyone have those days? Where you just want to squish something?

Next photo. From yours truly.

This is the tree in Dan's neighbor's backyard. It's truly a sight to see and if you're on campus I reccomend you check it out. Let's play the highlights search-and-find game. Or I spy. Anyway, can you find ths sink, the broken computer monitor, the pan, the stroller, and the umbrella? And I'm sure that's not it - There's probably more in there that I just can't remember.

This one is from Budzik. I posted it because I have no freakin' clue what it means.

Sslug? Yspatula? Piesewer? I'm so clueless.

And another from Budzik, his very own photoshop personalization of the ad. Lol.

And finally, from Matt Paul, a lovely shot from Germany.

"And I thought I was caffiene buzzed from regular iced tea," he commented.

Another one from Moi. This is my Lanadog. I miss her millions.

Kind of blurry. This picture was just the split second before she just licked me... That tongue is something else.

This is the last picture... A random photo I decided to insert last minute. The picture was accidentally taken in this style.

Another fun guessing game... Can you find Sven, John Lennon, any type of STEELERS paraphenalia (die Patriots, die, die), the bag of pretzel rods, my toothbrush, the chinese food menu (you'd have to be from gburg to recognize it), and I think that's it for now.

Yum, I caught you a delicious bass, from Rambo.

Actually it's a catfish. Lol. The biggest redneck ever. Who is going to be a doctor or something someday, lol.

Shaffer doing her best geek impression.

Mission accomplished kinda.

Anyway that was fun. Thanks for all the submissions, guys.

Things are good here; it finally feels like fall. I love it. Hope all is well at home and i'll be there in TWO WEEKS!

Monday, September 19, 2005

First; my two favorite pictures of the weekend. Rambo (toga! public intoxication!) and Liz and Moi. Liz does not let you take pictures of her unless she's either (a) drunk or (b) has a three day warning and you call her agent so she can prepare. We played drinking Mario beforehand, and Liz wasn't drunk, but kinda silly. Enough to okay the picture. Anyway...

I am also going to post a picture of me and my big as soon as I get one I like enough to post for the world to see. (grin, luvvin ADPi)

To start the name-thing-post... Check this site out. It's really neat. Give it a minute to load, but it's cool.

I tried this about a month after reading it on Allister's site, but I didn't do it right. And now it's like the trendy thing of LiveJournals, but I'm feeling lame so i'm going to do it.

Type in to google "[your name] is" (including the quotation marks) and pick your ten favorite things you see on the front page.

1. Carinne is involved with choir and drama at her church.
2. Carinne is very enthusiastic about education.
3. Carinne is the founder of the San Diego Families' Vegetarian Group.
4. Carinne is not married for her money. (my personal fave!)
5. Carinne serves as an essential two-way conduit for information.
6. Carinne also speaks fluent Hebrew and travels to Israel often.
7. Carinne is also the founder of Boston's Summer Activist Institute.
8. Carinne is blue.
9. Carinne is presently an applied mathematics student at the University of Grenoble, France.
10. Carinne is a photographer based in London, England but is originally from france.

Yeah, well.

Next post I want to post a bunch of pictures, from me and from anyone else who wants to feature a photo (of themselves, of landscape, of their dorm room, of their dog, of a tree, of a foot, one of Budzik's photo shop things, I don't care). So if you would like to show off your talent, please send me a picture and I'll be more than happy to post it (plus you'd get free advertising for your site if you wanted me to link it with your picture.. You don't even have to have a site, if you want one posted, please send it).

Alright cheers y'all, mad love from the insanely rediculously busy Carinne.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Okay, okay, so. Tuesday night was perogie night at servo (the school cafeteria for you non gettysburghians), a night where they have a whole bar of perogies and toppings, plus other options like sauteed and baked perogies. It's great. Truly genious. They have a giant perogie walking around (shown below) and they give out free stuff. Last year they gave out mini-perogie pins (which I still have!! not at school though, because if I did I'd post it because I'm just a dork like that) and neon pencils. This year they gave out the lame livestrong-esque bracelets (to see that rant, click here, and you can see it in the pic, I'm wearing it) that read "Powered by Mrs. T's Perogies" and were green and yellow tye-dyeish. Kinda lame but whatever, it's free.

The best part was Dan and I got quite a lovely picture with the perogie, as displayed below:

And it was a great night.

Viva la perogie.

Monday, September 12, 2005

"If you're an ADPi, raise your hand. If you're not, raise your standards!"

(matt to ellen)

matt: why are all you girls turning to sororities?
matt: and what's with carrine, she just told me she was a lesbian feminist, and now she's going greek
matt: and what's with me always spelling her name wrong
matt: i don't understand any of this

[lesbian feminist = mad at the punk = giving up on guys forever (forever = the evening)]

I'm an alpha delta pi. And I'm really, really, rediculously excited . Last night was incredible...

I've got so much work to catch up on because I didn't do a whole lot (or anything) this weekend. This post is short and sweet. More will come at a later date!

Friday, September 09, 2005

I got this e-mail from my darling mother. Click on the picture for a closer look.

Look closely. This table was listed for sale on eBay. How can you tell it is being sold by a man?

If you don't know the answer, scroll down...

Look at the mirror in the picture. And remember, if you're posting a picture on the internet, for the whole world to see... Wear clothes when taking the picture!

Hahaha, hahaha, haha.

Formal rush is tonight. (a) I brought my right-dressy-high-heeled-shoe and left the left-dressy-high-heeled-shoe in Pittsburgh. Go me. (b) I have no tops to wear. Raided Liz's closet. I love you Liz.

Will update at some point in the future. Love the always dysfunctional & irritated Carinne.