Monday, August 01, 2005

Wow, what a weekend... And it's already August, I can't believe it...

First and foremost, the results of my brilliant plan. Sunday afternoon Dan and I went to fill up his 30-gallon tank with the gas discount from Giant Eagle (it was more economical than filling up the 12-gallon HonDude). For 27.588 gallons of PREMIUM gas it totaled $24.25 (and that is NOT the per-gallon-price, which at the cheapest, was $0.67/gal). We wanted a receipt really bad (for evidence) but the machine didn’t print one. Still, that was an adrenaline rush.

Pictures: The Grin after the Gas

Rewinding time to the beginning of the week. Thurs night was out with the girls, and we had a great time. We made daiquiris all night, had sooo much food, and just gossiped/giggled for a really long time. Lauren's stories began with, "So I was at this party, and it was tequilla night," while Ali's stories began with "It was the night I drank half a bottle of Captain Morgan's by myself" and it was just fun. We cheered to good times, good friends, and started drinkin' just like each of our stories started. The sad part was I was so tired (from the day & drinking) that I was dead asleep before the end of Letterman. Ouch.

Pictures: Evidence (cool shot from Lauren); Alison; Lauren; Moi; Le Flower

Friday afternoon my Danman came, Saturday I made him volunteer at the old folks’ home, Sunday I talked him into staying until Monday (so we went bike riding downtown; started off the summer in May by biking downtown, finished it in August by biking downtown), Monday I got stuck at work until 2pm, kind of had a panic attack there (which was really, really not good), but calmed down by the end of the night. Dan is currently on the PA turnpike heading home, and I despise the fact that New Jersey is 5 hours away.

Pictures: Do I Really Have to Pose With a Mannequin While You Pretend You're A Tourist At Dicks; Awwww; May Downtown Biking Photo (Taken by Dan); Aug Downtown Biking Photo (Taken by Yours Truly)

Also the bike has been updated. The fenders aren't finished yet but the frame looks great and it rides fantastically. I'm so excited. I love it. All kudos go to Dan.

Pictures: The Bike (Beginning, 5/31); The Bike (Current, 8/1); Handpainted Logo Thing

One of the funniest aspects of the weekend was when Lana ran into my grandparent’s pond. It was so algae carpeted that it didn’t even look like water; so completely covered that Lana couldn’t tell the difference between the grass and the water. She ran right into it. It was hilarious.

Sorry the post is really, really, lame. Just felt like updating with nothing, and I also primarily wanted to show some pics. I'll probably be making an e-photo album of my pictures soon 'cuz I want to order some of the digital ones. We'll see.

18 days until Gettysburg !!!

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