Wednesday, August 17, 2005

So Alex and I road tripped out to the Susquehanna River this week to go camping with some family and friends. The above sign was one of the ones we passed in some random hick town. It's classic. Al and I saw it and were like, we gotta turn around and get a picture of that. (Viva la tourists!) What can I say? Llamas need lovin' too. Check out their site.

We also had the "staircase to nowhere " thing going on as well:

If I ever become a musical artist, my first album will be "staircase to nowhere" and the cover will include all the random photos of staircases that I have. (Has that been done before?) The staircases above really lead to nothing; it's just a hill beyond them. No houses, literally, nothing.

Another cool picture, this one came out differently than I expected. About ten yards behind the sign is a beautiful cornfield, a quarter mile behind that is a huge mountain (that you can see shadows of) and above that was a breathtaking sunset. All of this I attempted to capture on film, but as I am a horrible photographer, I got none of it. Oh well, the pic still turned out alright.

My last photo. This is the Susquehanna River at sunrise. It was extremely foggy that morning, but the picture came out clearer than it looked in real life. I was really impressed with it. A really great morning; absolutely not hot or humid at all and a beautiful blue sky.

Anyway, it was a fantastic way to finish off the summer. Back to Gettysburg in two days and I still have a hell of a lot of packing, laundry, and goodbyes to do.

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