Friday, August 19, 2005

Quick Newspaper Quirks.

The first one is actually really important so please take the time to read it. It could save your life - it did so in London.

From USA Today, Tuesday, August 17: Add an ICE contact to your phone.

A British paramedic came up with the idea of asking cell phone users to input an entry into their cellular phonebook called ICE for "in case of emergency." Accompanying that acronym would be the name and phone numbers of the person who should be called if something has happened to the owner of the phone.

The ICE campaign was launched in Britain in April, but people really started paying attention after the July terrorist bombings in London...

The article continues,

Now paramedics in the USA want to encourage ICE usage by Americans. "I certainly think it can help," says Matthew Levy of the International Association of EMTs and Paramedics.

So pass it on, okay?

My other newspaper quirk, given to me by my darling madre, for all my steeler compadres:

A Ward of the Steelers

From Bill Kennedy of Latrobe: Now that he's back and campaigning to be A Steeler For Life, he should be honored by one of the community's institutes of higher health care costs with a patient floor in his name, backed by the sponsor of the Steelers Stadium. It would of course be the Heinz Hines Ward Ward, where each month's top employee could earn the Heinz Hines Ward Ward Award.


A citizen of the Steelers metropolitan area

Ha, ha, ha. Pittsburgh's going to the suuuuuper bowl.

Anyway I'm out, finally, to Gettysburg. Band camp 'til Wed. so don't look for a new post in the next few days.

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