Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I’m getting a tattoo. That’s definite, absolute, and confirmed. There’s no going back on this, it’s happening. I think.

It isn’t going to be anything big; basically a one-inch-by-one-inch (so, in reality, it’s miniscule) black scorpion on my left shoulder. I’m a Scorpio.

Comments so far: (my madre's compadres)

GRO: Buck up Park! I have 2 and I am such a weakling! It’s really not that bad.

Christine: Git-R-Dun Car-in-Park! Don't be wimpy!

Julie: If it was me, I would get really drunk/high and then go........I don't like needles either and that's the only way I would be able to get it done!!! That's just my idea.

Budzik: I have yet to find anything that I like enough to have tattoo-ed on me. (But if I did, I would be a wuss about it) :)

Marco: Just do it!!! Get a bar code on the back of your neck.

Now soliciting other opinions, experiences, ideas, etc. You aren't going to make the decision for me, I'm just curious and learning background info.

Tattoo theory
Absolutely Not. No. You'll get aids. You'll never get a job. And you'll regret it when you're 20.
I wouldn't do it but it's your body and I won't hate you for it
Perfectly Indifferent
Sure - Why not? Just be responsible about it.
Absolutely - I have one (or several) and think it's a cool idea
Yes just make sure it says I [heart] Dan
Yes, and I like the scorpion idea
Yes, but I don't like the scorpion idea

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