Tuesday, August 30, 2005

First person to guess the total cost of all my books this semester wins a prize. Or whoever's closest.

Hints: Taking four classes & 1 lab. Courses: Chem, religion, calc, and japanese.

Good luck.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I’m getting a tattoo. That’s definite, absolute, and confirmed. There’s no going back on this, it’s happening. I think.

It isn’t going to be anything big; basically a one-inch-by-one-inch (so, in reality, it’s miniscule) black scorpion on my left shoulder. I’m a Scorpio.

Comments so far: (my madre's compadres)

GRO: Buck up Park! I have 2 and I am such a weakling! It’s really not that bad.

Christine: Git-R-Dun Car-in-Park! Don't be wimpy!

Julie: If it was me, I would get really drunk/high and then go........I don't like needles either and that's the only way I would be able to get it done!!! That's just my idea.

Budzik: I have yet to find anything that I like enough to have tattoo-ed on me. (But if I did, I would be a wuss about it) :)

Marco: Just do it!!! Get a bar code on the back of your neck.

Now soliciting other opinions, experiences, ideas, etc. You aren't going to make the decision for me, I'm just curious and learning background info.

Tattoo theory
Absolutely Not. No. You'll get aids. You'll never get a job. And you'll regret it when you're 20.
I wouldn't do it but it's your body and I won't hate you for it
Perfectly Indifferent
Sure - Why not? Just be responsible about it.
Absolutely - I have one (or several) and think it's a cool idea
Yes just make sure it says I [heart] Dan
Yes, and I like the scorpion idea
Yes, but I don't like the scorpion idea

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Quick Newspaper Quirks.

The first one is actually really important so please take the time to read it. It could save your life - it did so in London.

From USA Today, Tuesday, August 17: Add an ICE contact to your phone.

A British paramedic came up with the idea of asking cell phone users to input an entry into their cellular phonebook called ICE for "in case of emergency." Accompanying that acronym would be the name and phone numbers of the person who should be called if something has happened to the owner of the phone.

The ICE campaign was launched in Britain in April, but people really started paying attention after the July terrorist bombings in London...

The article continues,

Now paramedics in the USA want to encourage ICE usage by Americans. "I certainly think it can help," says Matthew Levy of the International Association of EMTs and Paramedics.

So pass it on, okay?

My other newspaper quirk, given to me by my darling madre, for all my steeler compadres:

A Ward of the Steelers

From Bill Kennedy of Latrobe: Now that he's back and campaigning to be A Steeler For Life, he should be honored by one of the community's institutes of higher health care costs with a patient floor in his name, backed by the sponsor of the Steelers Stadium. It would of course be the Heinz Hines Ward Ward, where each month's top employee could earn the Heinz Hines Ward Ward Award.


A citizen of the Steelers metropolitan area

Ha, ha, ha. Pittsburgh's going to the suuuuuper bowl.

Anyway I'm out, finally, to Gettysburg. Band camp 'til Wed. so don't look for a new post in the next few days.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

So Alex and I road tripped out to the Susquehanna River this week to go camping with some family and friends. The above sign was one of the ones we passed in some random hick town. It's classic. Al and I saw it and were like, we gotta turn around and get a picture of that. (Viva la tourists!) What can I say? Llamas need lovin' too. Check out their site.

We also had the "staircase to nowhere " thing going on as well:

If I ever become a musical artist, my first album will be "staircase to nowhere" and the cover will include all the random photos of staircases that I have. (Has that been done before?) The staircases above really lead to nothing; it's just a hill beyond them. No houses, literally, nothing.

Another cool picture, this one came out differently than I expected. About ten yards behind the sign is a beautiful cornfield, a quarter mile behind that is a huge mountain (that you can see shadows of) and above that was a breathtaking sunset. All of this I attempted to capture on film, but as I am a horrible photographer, I got none of it. Oh well, the pic still turned out alright.

My last photo. This is the Susquehanna River at sunrise. It was extremely foggy that morning, but the picture came out clearer than it looked in real life. I was really impressed with it. A really great morning; absolutely not hot or humid at all and a beautiful blue sky.

Anyway, it was a fantastic way to finish off the summer. Back to Gettysburg in two days and I still have a hell of a lot of packing, laundry, and goodbyes to do.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

So. It’s confirmed. I’m basically the biggest freak ever but I’m cool with it.

I was driving in to work today and on pre-historic X they had a row of really good songs. Dear God by XTC, Because The Night by Patti Smith Group, and Burning Down the House by the Talking Heads. I completely got into the mood and was just thinking about 80’s songs all day.

So I get home from work, right, and I’m home alone (thank god there were no witnesses) and I pull up my 80’s tunes on my computer. So I’m all doing the laundry to I’m Too Sexy, cleaning my room to You Spin Me Right Round, taking Lana out to Don't You Forget About Me, and showering to Total Eclipse of the Heart. I know, I know, the worst of the 80's, but whatever.

I completely get in the mood, so I figured, it’d be fun to be 5 years old again, and play dress up. So right after Can't Touch This and Hungry Like The Wolf, I put on the earrings, do the side ponytail, and search high and low for blue eyeshadow and bright red lipstick (I had neither; my mom had neither; my sister had both. Go figure). And now I’m posting a picture.

Me as an obnoxious 80s girl now, Me as an obnoxious 80s girl then. (all photos except today's courtesy of my Aunt Lynne) (all photos except today are from the 80s)

I know, complete freak, right? But damn. It was fun. And it was good for the soul. But that red lipstick would not come off.

So tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies, and I’ll catch you all in 1985.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My AutoBio in a Numbered List up to One Hundred

  1. I hate carrots.
  2. My middle name is Paige.
  3. I love the TV show Miami Ink
  4. I was inspired to go to Savannah from the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and will forever love that city.
  5. My favorite pizza toppings are mushroom & green pepper.
  6. I want to live in the country someday.
  7. 99.9% of the time my toenails are neon green, orange, or pink.
  8. I can’t be fake nice to people.
  9. I’m not into flossing and my dentist gets pissed about that.
  10. I don’t believe in (or rely on) my horoscope but I still read it almost daily.
  11. I can’t stand Dr. Phil, Mandy Moore, Delilah, or any of the DJs on KISS FM (esp the morning show and Scotty).
  12. I love mac-n-cheese day at Servo. Same with flurry day.
  13. I am horrible at remembering to call people back.
  14. I’ve never been to New York City.
  15. I really, really, really want to go to Greece.
  16. I’ve never seen any of the Lord of the Rings and I don’t really feel like I’m missing anything
  17. I want a Toyota Celica
  18. I’m extremely impatient
  19. I love to drive aimlessly and get lost
  20. I’m pro-choice
  21. I love to play cheesy old-school video games with my sister (Bubble Bobble, Twisted Metal 2, Mario, etc)
  22. I think Niagara Falls is overrated
  23. I don’t like seafood very much
  24. My senior project helped organize a gala that raised $14,000 for charity
  25. I really miss having “the notebook” and being so close to some really great girls.
  26. I tan quickly but burn easily
  27. I love to read but don’t do enough of it
  28. I’m very high stress
  29. My favorite Disney cartoon-movie is Hercules
  30. I’m really the most boring person in the history of the world
  31. I honestly think it’s a universal truth that there is some good in everybody
  32. I HATE bad manners (rudeness, cockiness, snootiness, etc.)
  33. I wish people would just TELL me when I have bad breath instead of politely ignoring it
  34. I prefer to shower at night as opposed to in the morning
  35. I’m better at Dan at both Battleship and Tetris
  36. I wish my hair was longer
  37. I absolutely think smiling and complimenting complete strangers is a great morale booster, makes them feel good (and you too)
  38. My rubber band race car was the fastest out of my 6th grade class
  39. A new pair of underwear can totally make my day
  40. I’m undoubtedly a coke girl
  41. I love sleepovers
  42. My favorite pair of shoes are my black platform sandals
  43. I broke my previous favorite pair of shoes (exactly the same as above) while drunk after a Wolf House Christmas Party
  44. I also have never been so hung-over in my life as after that Wolf House Christmas Party
  45. I learned how to drive a stick this summer (ha! I finally did it)
  46. I’m addicted to Rita’s Italian Ice
  47. My favorite flavor of Rita’s is Mango
  48. I want to road trip the USA (cross of every.single.state) (with a variety of purposes)
  49. I Love The Steelers
  50. Definitely have a freeze pop addiction
  51. Quaker Steak & Lube’s all you can eat wing night (Tuesdays) are the best.
  52. I love the Harry Potter books.
  53. I’ve definitely seen the light of Wawa.
  54. I’m allergic to cats
  55. Due to the previous, I love dogs and will own one for my entire life.
  56. I’m a very private person
  57. I was secretary to the band my senior year (absolute geek, I know)
  58. I’d rather talk in person than on the phone
  59. I’m 63.5 inches tall
  60. I have a waterbed
  61. I feel like I don’t go out enough
  62. I’m majoring in Chemistry
  63. Cereal Killer (especially Honey Bunches of Oats)
  64. I use Mozilla Firefox
  65. I’m the oldest, followed by my sister, followed by my 2 brothers
  66. Orange is my favorite type of juice
  67. I really like Angelina Jolie and think she’s a good person
  68. When I was in 5th grade I played the piano for my school chorus concert
  69. I failed my driving test the first time I took it
  70. I did better on my math SATs than my verbal
  71. I got 500 people in my high school to sign a petition that actually worked and made changes
  72. I can’t go to a theme park without getting Cotton Candy or Ice Cream.
  73. I don’t believe in sasquatch, Bigfoot (BFRO!), or the abominable snowman, but I love watching TV shows about that shit anyway.
  74. I love inventing (and playing) random stupid strip/drinking games
  75. I love to play hearts and pinochle
  76. I’m currently reading The Jane Austen Book Club (by Karen Joy Fowler) and as of p10 it’s very good
  77. I play the trombone (not very well)
  78. In high school I was very self-conscious about my hair, but now I kind of don’t care at all.
  79. I definitely profile stalk people, just because I like to read trivial things they have to say
  80. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate having to wait in doctors offices
  81. I have a neighbor that makes his own beer that is actually very, very good
  82. I sometimes think people have expectations of me that are too high and I think I’ll be a failure if I don’t follow through and live up to them
  83. I also have the highest expectations of people and as a result, I get let down easily
  84. I loved being in band in high school, (confirming my geekiness) and I really miss the away games, float meetings, and band trips.
  85. I almost got hit by a mack truck while running across an eight lane highway with some friends while in Virginia Beach when I was a freshman
  86. I want a tattoo, a scorpion, on my back, soon, before I wimp out and don’t get it
  87. My first car was a blue Honda Accord with 2-doors, leather interior, a sunroof, and speakers that didn’t work but I loved it all the same.
  88. I only have had one cavity in my life, and that was on a baby tooth (so much for flossing!).
  89. I have this recurrent dream where I am at an airport that is non-existent (to my knowledge). If I ever go to an airport that looks like that, I think I’ll leave immediately and cancel my flight.
  90. I’ll miss my hot date room mate this year (who will be Cologne)
  91. My favorite pair of jeans are from American Eagle
  92. I really, really, really miss my Dan.
  93. I think love at first sight is real but I don’t believe that it affects nearly as many people who claim it does.
  94. If I could have a superpower I would absolutely want to fly.
  95. I’m currently wearing my MC Hammer pants, a white long sleeved t-shirt, my claddagh, and my [curly] hair is in a ponytail.
  96. I love lying beside a pool with a glass of lemonade and reading.
  97. I will never forget the time I was in church on Easter and Dan said, “Wow, that thing has some bass,” (about the organ) and Cam said, during a very quiet moment, “Dad, what’s a cock?”
  98. I was up to doing 500 crunches at the beginning of this summer, but then I just lost all motivation and got crazy-ass lazy.
  99. I don’t believe in divorce. I’ll be slow to get married because I’m only doing it once, if at all.
  100. I love to read people’s blogs but sometimes stupid questionnaires (What’s my middle name, How long have you known me, etc) (and 100-comment-lists) get old quickly.

This was actually really hard to do… You try it! Anyway I feel thoroughly soul-searched right now. Are you enlightened? Did anyone even read it?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

So we’re trying to order lunch at work today.

Me: “Hi, I’d like to place an order for delivery.”

Lady on the other line: “Oh, our driver is off until 2:30.” It was 1pm. We were so hungry. Sara was in the background like, “I’m gonna eat my arm off.”

“Okay we’ll pick it up, then. I’d like the Thursday special of Mac-n-Cheese –“

“Sorry, we’re all out.”

“Alright… Then an 8-cut mushroom pizza –"

“Yea, our delivery guy is also the pizza maker, so we don’t have any pizzas either.” It’s a deli and a pizza shop. Were they for real?

But the prices are cheap and their food is good (when they have it) and it’s close to where I work, so we decided we still wanted to order from there.

“Okay… Then instead I’d like an antipasto salad, large, with ranch dressing and onions –"

“We’ve got an antipasto already made without any lettuce, do you want that one?”

“A salad with no lettuce?”

“Yea it’s got the meat and stuff…”

“Uh, no thanks, I’d like lettuce with my salad, please. And a hot turkey and cheese sub, no mayo, no onions, if it isn’t too difficult.”

“Hot or cold?”

“Hot, please.”

“Alright, give us fifteen minutes!”

What a production. Our lunch was fabulous when we got it, though.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Wow, what a weekend... And it's already August, I can't believe it...

First and foremost, the results of my brilliant plan. Sunday afternoon Dan and I went to fill up his 30-gallon tank with the gas discount from Giant Eagle (it was more economical than filling up the 12-gallon HonDude). For 27.588 gallons of PREMIUM gas it totaled $24.25 (and that is NOT the per-gallon-price, which at the cheapest, was $0.67/gal). We wanted a receipt really bad (for evidence) but the machine didn’t print one. Still, that was an adrenaline rush.

Pictures: The Grin after the Gas

Rewinding time to the beginning of the week. Thurs night was out with the girls, and we had a great time. We made daiquiris all night, had sooo much food, and just gossiped/giggled for a really long time. Lauren's stories began with, "So I was at this party, and it was tequilla night," while Ali's stories began with "It was the night I drank half a bottle of Captain Morgan's by myself" and it was just fun. We cheered to good times, good friends, and started drinkin' just like each of our stories started. The sad part was I was so tired (from the day & drinking) that I was dead asleep before the end of Letterman. Ouch.

Pictures: Evidence (cool shot from Lauren); Alison; Lauren; Moi; Le Flower

Friday afternoon my Danman came, Saturday I made him volunteer at the old folks’ home, Sunday I talked him into staying until Monday (so we went bike riding downtown; started off the summer in May by biking downtown, finished it in August by biking downtown), Monday I got stuck at work until 2pm, kind of had a panic attack there (which was really, really not good), but calmed down by the end of the night. Dan is currently on the PA turnpike heading home, and I despise the fact that New Jersey is 5 hours away.

Pictures: Do I Really Have to Pose With a Mannequin While You Pretend You're A Tourist At Dicks; Awwww; May Downtown Biking Photo (Taken by Dan); Aug Downtown Biking Photo (Taken by Yours Truly)

Also the bike has been updated. The fenders aren't finished yet but the frame looks great and it rides fantastically. I'm so excited. I love it. All kudos go to Dan.

Pictures: The Bike (Beginning, 5/31); The Bike (Current, 8/1); Handpainted Logo Thing

One of the funniest aspects of the weekend was when Lana ran into my grandparent’s pond. It was so algae carpeted that it didn’t even look like water; so completely covered that Lana couldn’t tell the difference between the grass and the water. She ran right into it. It was hilarious.

Sorry the post is really, really, lame. Just felt like updating with nothing, and I also primarily wanted to show some pics. I'll probably be making an e-photo album of my pictures soon 'cuz I want to order some of the digital ones. We'll see.

18 days until Gettysburg !!!